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Hey there! 

Eman Rodriguez here. I am what the design world calls, a keyframe master.

I've been a full-time motion designer for more than 5 years, and I have no plans to stop. The majority of my motion design work has been for documentaries and television shows, where I've had the incredible pleasure of bringing data and actual records to life on the screen.

Meanwhile, editorial-style portraits are the focus of my photography work. I put my hardest into making each piece of art as organic as possible, just like with my motion design, to keep everyone viewing it rooted in the world we live in.


I have been absolutely blessed to have worked for many Emmy-nominated series and to have been a motion designer on Agents Oh Chaos (HBO) & Gossip (Showtime), which both have been nominated for an Emmy in Graphic Design. However, those milestones have been met and I am eager to achieve the next.

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